Veg Advocates

We need Veg Advocates!

Peas Please is looking for 100 people from across the UK to become Veg Advocates and help drive the enormous changes needed in our quest to get everyone eating more veg. People’s voices, through the Peas Please initiative, will be effectively channelled towards businesses and organisations in the food chain to encourage them to up their veg game. Peas Please wants to listen and engage with people’s experience to ensure what we do is relevant and makes a meaningful impact. Advocates will use their veg experience to give advice about what’s been done so far and what needs to happen now to get the nation eating more veg.

Three people discussing veg advocates

What does being a Veg Advocate involve?

Advocates will have a unique opportunity to challenge the food system to do better, to support a national cause, and to gain personal experience of advocacy initiatives and working with people in in different food environments. Specifically, Advocates across the UK will be involved for up to four years in the following activities with the following benefits along the way:

What could Advocates get out of it?

  • The chance to make a positive difference in your food community
  • An opportunity to work with some of the leading food charities across the country on dietary inequality
  • Pledger site visits with a voucher to spend in store
  • Expenses to cover travel, food and accommodation when relevant
  • £200 to run a veg promotion activity in your local area
  • For 10 Advocates, £500 each for helping to evaluate the Veg Advocate activities
  • Experience of Participatory Action Research
  • Recognition for commitment in the form of a reward card and certificate

Notes from the veg advocates meeting

What will Advocates need?

Time – up to 10 days (more if desired) over four years
Commitment – a commitment to help the nation to eat more veg

There is a short application process and preference will be given to those not already involved in the food movement.

Community groups – we need your help

We aim to recruit Veg Advocates through running talks and workshops across the UK from January 2020 to May 2020. We are looking for community groups who would be happy to host a Peas Please talk and workshop. These workshops will:

  • Talk about Peas Please and the way the programme is working to get the nation eating more veg
  • Explore the challenges and solutions to eating more veg
  • Tell people about the Veg Advocate programme and inspire 100 people from across the UK to become Veg Advocates themselves.

A group of veg advocates

The talk and workshop combined will take around two hours and will be suitable for anybody with a general interest in the food system, social justice or health. If you are a community group who would like to host a talk and workshop about how we get the nation eating more veg, as well as introducing the idea of Veg Advocates, then we would love to talk to you. Peas Please will cover expenses and provide a veg filled buffet.

If you are an individual who is interested in finding out more about the Veg Advocate programme or a community group who would be interested in hosting a workshop to recruit Veg Advocates then please contact the workshop organiser for your nation:

Scotland: Simon Kenton-Lake
Northern Ireland: Kerry Melville
Wales: Pearl Costello
England: Amber Wheeler