Our work aims to improve the UK food system so that it better supports our health and the sustainability of our planet. With poor diets posing the greatest risk to the most vulnerable communities, we advocate for change and help to inform better food policy, both in public and in private spheres.

As an independent and not-for-profit think tank, we rely on the generous support of our funders to continue our work. If you value the work we do and would like to make a donation or fund one of our projects, please keep reading.

Donate now to the Veg Ad Fund

Did you know that only 5% of the £296.6m confectionery, snacks, fruit, veg & soft drinks budget, gets spent on fruit & veg?

The #VegPower campaign, part of the Peas Please initiative, aims to grow support for a dedicated Veg Ad Fund.

After a competition to find the most engaging veg advert for kids, the winning artwork can now be seen in over 5000 locations, including in school canteens across the UK and has gained support from healthy eating campaigners Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

In order for veg advertising to finally be able to compete with junk food for children’s attention, we are aiming to raise £100K from individuals, industry and government to ensure the fund is self-sustaining by 2020.

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Fund our work

We work on a number of varied projects, from private sector engagement to international research and advocacy. Although some of our work is commissioned, many of our projects require further funding in order to expand.

We are currently fundraising for the following projects:

Peas Please

Peas Please is a collaborative project led by the Food Foundation, WWF, Food Cardiff and Nourish Scotland that focuses on tackling supply side barriers to eating veg.

In it’s first year alone, the project secured over 40 pledges from manufacturers, retailers and government bodies committing to an increasing focus on veg.

Our ambition for Peas Please continues to grow and therefore further funding is essential. Click here to read more about the project or email us

Future Food: A Child Food Insecurity Inquiry

We are currently conducting a Parliamentary Inquiry into Children’s Future Food; already with the the support of 14 cross-party parliamentarians, 2 APPGs and the Children’s Commissioners in all four UK nations.

The inquiry aims to bring in children’s own experiences and perspectives on food and poverty that have been largely absent from policy thinking and political discourse so far.

We are working with a group of independent experts and Leeds Beckett University to coordinate its delivery, also working in partnership with four children’s organisations: Fixers, Children in Scotland, Children in Wales and Children in Northern Ireland. Email us to find out more


Core costs

Apart from our specific projects, we are also looking for core funders to contribute to the running costs of the organisation. Email us to find out more.

Information about our existing funders is available here