Policy Guidance on Nutrition Sensitive Food Systems and Obesity

In 2017/2018 The Food Foundation is helping to develop a guidance note on food system approaches to nutrition and running a series of five policy guidance webinars on nutrition sensitive food systems and obesity for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).


Taking a comprehensive food systems approach, the guidance note and webinars will inform the work of the five FAO regional offices on food systems impact on consumers’ diets and nutrition outcomes.


The webinars will highlight specific examples and policy lessons from the Food Foundation’s work – including the Force Fed report and the Peas Please project – and discuss the potential for future application of a food systems approach to diet. We will highlight the policy opportunities that could successfully incentivise the consumption of healthier, more sustainable foods. This approach, when tailored to each region, could inform food systems policy and practice and therefore improve diets, tackle obesity and reduce the risk of diet-related disease.