GCAN: Grocery Code Action Network

The Groceries Code Action Network (GCAN) is a coalition of NGOs, unions and food groups, working to extend the role and remit of the Groceries Code Adjudicator’s (GCA).  The Groceries Code Adjudicator has a remit to prevent unfair trading practices between the UK’s largest supermarkets and their direct suppliers. It has been an effective regulator, overseeing improved relationships in the groceries sector. However, the narrowness of its remit means that the GCA is powerless to support improved trading practices for businesses that supply supermarkets indirectly.

Small suppliers, many of whom sell to supermarkets indirectly, are typically the most vulnerable parts of the supply chain but also shoulder a disproportionate level of risk and costs.  Bringing indirect suppliers into scope would enable the GCA to support fair dealing in the parts of the supply chain where unfair risk and cost are most frequently borne.

The Food Foundation have been working in coalition with a number of other organisations to raise this issue with policy influencers.

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