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Clever with veg: upskilling the catering industry to cook veg which is delicious

Clever with veg:  upskilling the catering industry to cook veg which is delicious


This workstream is focusing on how we can skill up people working in food service to cook delicious vegetables and vegetable dishes.  It will also include the skills of those selling us veg in our supermarkets and local stores to ensure they can provide good customer advice. Whether they are working in restaurant chains, or school canteens this workstream will focus on the role of apprenticeships and training required to transform the quality of the offer.


  1. To explore the current landscape of apprenticeships and training courses for people preparing or cooking veg to identify critical gaps, and identify the best approaches being used to ensure veg tastes delicious.
  2. To co-create commitments which could be made by businesses and public policy makers to better support the sector in future.
  3. To identify any longer term actions which need to be made beyond June.
  4. To contribute to a Briefing paper on the workstream which will be published in advance of the summit.


This workstream will be co-chaired by:

Robin Hinks, Policy and Research Officer and Peas Please project board member

Shaleen Meelu, Co-Founder of the Harborne Food School


Ways of working

  1. A draft briefing paper will be prepared by the project team and circulated in mid January. The paper will provide evidence on the nature of the challenge, identify examples of innovation and provide tentative language on a commitment for the summit.
  2. The workstream members will meet on January 27th where they will discuss the challenge in detail, identify critical barriers to action, consider and refine / revise the draft language on commitments. The discussion will take place under Chatham House Rules (membership of the group is known but comments are not attributed to any specific member).  The notes of the workstream meeting will be published on the Peas Please website by end February. All discussions will be at the pre-competitive level.
  3. The workstream could commission additional factfinding from the project team, or agree they need another face to face meeting or agree other actions necessary to refine the commitment before end March.
  4. The workstream members will provide comments on the draft briefing paper produced by the project team so this can be finalised in advance of the summit.
  5. Workstream members will be encouraged, where relevant to discuss the commitment within their own business / organisation with a view to committing at the summit. They will also be asked to help build support from other similar businesses or provide advice to the project team on this.

To view the full terms of reference and a list of confirmed participants click here.


If you are interested in joining this workstream or supporting the Peas Please project, please sign up HERE.